HTTP Header Template


When we attempt to download .exe files using a signed URL, IE identifies the file type as 'Unknown'... Other file types don't seem to have this particular problem... I believe this is because .exe files don't have a unique MIME type (the application/x-msdownload MIME type is shared with .exe and .dll files in my registry)... We have worked around this by setting the Content-Dispostion to 'attachment; filename=<filename>'... The bad news is we have to do this for every file we upload... This is daunting given the large number of .exe files to upload... It would be nice to allow the specification of a HTTP Header template that allows us to define default HTTP Headers (perhaps per file type) so that, by default, we could get the Content-Dispostion on every file upload of a given file type... This would definityly enhance any drag/drop feature to ensure dropped files would also get the proper HTTP Headers... Anyway, just a thought... Hope everyone agrees... :-) -Scott.
P.S. The following MSDN articles discuss how IE performs MIME handling/sniffing to determine file types on download: