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Getting Exception Invalid path:

May 24, 2009 at 7:32 AM

I use your rescmd application (a wonderful program) to upload files. For example I've got a bucket 1072buckets and prefix 1000/2009/ and file name x.mp4.  It all works I can upload and run the video etc.  However when I try to look at it from Space Block I get the Exception: "Invalid path: '/1072buckets//'. and detail

CodePlex.Resourceful.CodePlexException: Invalid path: '/1072buckets//'.
   at CodePlex.SpaceBlock.Path.Parse(String value)
   at CodePlex.SpaceBlock.FS.S3FileSystem.InternalGetItems(Path folderPath)
   at CodePlex.SpaceBlock.FS.S3FileSystem.GetFolders(Path path)
   at CodePlex.SpaceBlock.UI.Controls.Explore.FoldersControl.<>c__DisplayClassb.<Expand>b__9()


The leading '/' on the bucket name looks suspicious but as I said in my application it all works.  I was trying to use spaceblock to clean up the buckets (I have several that have this problem) but I can open them up.