S3 copy functionality?

Jan 2, 2009 at 11:15 PM
Hi John

First of all: thank you for a great tool to manage S3 files!
I've tried several different applications (S3 Hub, S3 Browser, Cyberduck and many more) but your SpaceBlock program is simply just the best.

I've got one thing I would love to get into SpaceBlock, though: copy functionality.
Amazon has officially released the copy functionality (from beta to GA) a couple of months ago - please see http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/connect/ann.jspa?annID=360 for more info - so at least the API should be stable.

What I sorely needs is this: I would love to have the ability to choose a folder (that is: a 'virtual' folder inside one of my buckets) and copy it and the subfolders and files into another bucket of mine.
The main problem is that I made a bucket in the US part of S3 and have uploaded several gigabytes of data into it. Just to find that I made a mistake. I should have created the bucket in the EU part of S3. So as far as I know the only way to move everything from S3-US to S3-EU is to copy everything from on bucket (US) to another temporary bucket (EU), delete the original bucket (to free the bucket name) in the S3-US, create the bucket in the S3-EU and then copy all the data once again from the temporary bucket to the new (EU) version of the bucket.
All of this traffic would take a considerable amount of time if I have to download everything to my local computer instead of copying 'within' S3. Therefore the need for a copy function in SpaceBlock.

It would of course be great if the (hopefully) future copy functionality in SpaceBlock would retain all permission settings for files getting copied...

Do you have any plans to create such functionality?


Rasmus Wehner